Saturday Grab Bag: The Perfect Cocktail, HIMYM Pub, and the Great Drink Name Debate[1]

So this Saturday, I’d be remiss if I did not point out that this show has an episode literally titled ‘The Perfect Cocktail.’ 

Also, this bar in NYC, McGee’s, has a whole host of HIMYM-themed drinks on its menu—apparently because it’s the bar on which McLaren’s is based.  And looking at photos of the set and the bar side-by-side, it actually does look kind of like McGee’s.  How cool is that? 

And, of course, despite refusing to use this recipe during the week (because I wanted to create my own), I would be remiss if I did not mention The Robin Scherbatsky/Minnesota Tidal Wave; the best recipe I was able to find for it online is in this video

And lastly, surprisingly no one, this show has a drinking game.

And that’s it for HIMYM!  Sadly, this show is unlikely to see a reprise, because I’m still mad about the finale it has so few main characters and no real noted antagonists.  But tomorrow we start Fringe cocktails, which were a request from twerkingobserver.  They should be fun and freaky!

[1]  This post originally went live 12/14/13, but all the links have been confirmed to work before it was reposted.

Weekly Recap - How I Met Your Mother (Shots with Flair)[1]

I’m trying out something new this week, and creating a recap.  Please let me know if it’s a useful addition!  Anyway, here’s what happened this week:

Sunday - Apple for Teacher (Lily Aldrin) - cider mocktail

Monday - Lilypad’s Fluffernutter (Marshall Eriksen) - fluffernutter shot

Tuesday - Red Cowboy Boots (Ted Mosby) - whisky/cordial shot

Wednesday - Gentlemen Prefer _____ (Barney Stinson) - boilermaker shot variant

Thursday - Sparkles Underneath (Robin Scherbatsky) - whisky/liqueur shot

Friday - The Yellow Umbrella (The Mother) - cream/liqueur shot

Saturday grab bag like normal tomorrow!”

[1] [I didn’t realize this until I was doing reruns, but this was my very first weekly recap!  I have, apparently, come a long way since then.  XD  


(cream, amaretto, banana liqueur, yellow umbrella)

Place a teaspoon of cream and a teaspoon of amaretto in a shot glass.  Stir with bar spoon.  Top shot glass with banana liqueur.  Place a yellow cocktail umbrella in—trust me, it will be relevant later.


Goldschlager, Canadian whisky)

♪ Everybody come and play!
One part goldschlager, OK?
Let’s all pour a shot today! ♫

Uh, yeah, that’s not really how I do things anymore.  Just cover it up with Canadian whisky, OK?  Dribble that baby over the back side of a spoon.  There you go.  Problem solved.

Barney Stinson:  GENTLEMEN PREFER ________

(Magic Hat #9, beer, scotch)

Ted, I like my shots like I like my women:  varied and often, as long as they all meet my specifications.  Recipe-five!

That’s why I like to pour a shot of scotch, a shot of Magic Hat #9 (because magic is always cool, duh), and a shot of ??? into an oversized shotglass—the sky’s the limit, as long as it’s beer!  You know how it is; some days you feel like a blond bimbo ale, some days you feel like a something else.  I don’t like getting tied down to one type of drink. Anyway you should try it sometime.  My GENTLEMEN PREFER _____ recipe (patent pending) is legen… wait for it… dary—I’m telling you, it’s gonna be a thing!


(whiskey and Dr. McGillacuddy’s cherry schnapps)

Pour one part average whiskey into a normal-sized shot glass.  Now jazz that whiskey up with one part Dr. McGillacuddy’s cherry schnapps!  Add a jaunty little red umbrella and you, my friend, are in for one fun night.  In fact, why not make another shot just to be thorough?  Don’t worry, you can pull them off.


(marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, creme de cacao, honey, chocolate chips)

In a loveably-sized mixing bowl, add one heaping teaspoon of marshmallow fluff and one heaping teaspoon of peanut butter.  Stir them really hard; it will be tough but you are an Eriksen—you can take it.  Add one jigger of creme de cacao (haha, you said ‘jigger’) and a teaspoon of honey.  Continue with the mixing thing; that should be working well for you by now.  Now pour that syrupy goodness into a shot glass and garnish with five delightful, yet manly chocolate chips, so that your drink can be as happy as you are.


(cider, cinnamon simple syrup, lemon juice, maple syrup, apple)

Come home after a long day with your kindergarten class.  Pour yourself a cup of cold cider.  Mix in one ounce of cinnamon simple syrup, one ounce of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of maple syrup.  Stir vigorously.  Add a slice of apple for garnish. On really, really bad days, add a jigger of rum and contemplate an early bedtime.

[OOC note: This drink is balanced as a mocktail.  If you do decide to follow Lily’s Extra-Bad Day recipe, up the maple syrup to one tablespoon.]

Saturday Grab Bag:  In Which We Alcohol Your Childhood[1]

So I would be remiss if I did not lead off by mentioning the excellent Cocktails by Cody, whose entire opus of Disney cocktails can be found here.  Among countless others, he has a Belle drink and a Gaston drink, because he does protagonists and antagonists for each Disney tale he attempts.  I also found a blog here on tumblr called Disney Cocktails, which included among many others a Cogsworth drink, a Lumiere drink, and a Belle drink.  The Belle drink in particular looks delicious and I want to try it.

Also I found a Beauty and the Beast cocktail on 1001 cocktails but it looks… uh… adventurous.  Amusingly, She Knows has a recipe of the same name with the same exact ingredients but with different instructions.  XD  I also found a recipe on A Year of Cocktails for a Beauty and the Beast cocktail which sounds considerably more delicious than either of the first two.

And that’s about it for Beauty and the Beast cocktails I found on the Internet, but it’s a pretty good haul!  

Next week, incidentally, will be uncommonly busy even by my standards, so it’s a good week to do another rerun week—this time, How I Met Your Mother.  Enjoy, and I’ll see y’all on the other side!

[1] Some age-related restrictions apply.  Void where prohibited.  Do not blame me for the tequila rose/jager shot recipe.

Morning Announcements (at 2:43 PM)

So a few announcements this week, mostly regarding the request queue and more reruns.

The reruns matter is quite simple; I am about to engage in a two-month staring contest with my task list and I expect my task list to win.  As a result, a couple of weeks this fall will be “reruns” for the remaining posts using the old format.  I am going to spend a little bit of time thinking about fun side projects I can throw in for the folks who saw these posts the first time, and will keep y’all posted!

Now to address the matter of requests.

I really enjoy taking requests—they are an excellent way to interact with my larger community and to learn new media.  It was my original intention to take requests as they came in, offering recipes for media within a few weeks of when that media was requested.  This has, unfortunately, not happened, and requests have developed a significant backlog.  I want to take a few minutes to explain this backlog and to outline what I plan to do about it from here.

Spirited Characters has a staff of one; though I work with many benevolent taste-testers, I am a single person crafting each beverage, taking each photograph, designing each post, and writing each recipe.  In order to write recipes in character I must have an intuitive understanding of each character’s voice, and it takes me some time to familiarize myself with new media—I am limited by the knowledge within my head at any given time.  This has directly contributed to a substantial backlog, and it also means that I do not do requests in order.  Though I show no favoritism based on requester (and in fact, a good friend of mine has been waiting for her requested posts since April), I do tackle requests involving works familiar to me before I take on any posts that require significant consumption of new media.  This is purely a matter of logistics, but it is an important limitation if I want to produce good content and I need to honor it.

In order to address this issue while still leaving the request queue open, SC will start posting time estimates as part of its response to ask requests.  Request week recaps will also be tagged with the handle of the person placing the request to ensure that they see the posts they requested.  In general, time estimates will be made based on my familiarity with the media, the scope of the media requested, the length of the request queue at the time of request, and my general schedule constraints.  At present the request queue is fifteen items deep, so new requests from here will probably not be addressed until sometime mid-winter at the earliest.

Also, if you have already requested something and I have identifying information for you, I will send you a time estimate directly by ask or private message.

Also also, in general it is incredibly awesome that so many people have expressed interest in seeing new content created, and though it has been a bit of a learning curve I have really really enjoyed figuring it out.  I hope that you guys continue to enjoy reading as much as I enjoy putting these posts out!