(cider, ginger beer, St Germain)

Did you like the drink I sent you, Jack?  I made it just for you; six parts cider, and two parts ginger brew, and one part elderflower liqueur.  I can make it again, if you’d like!

Sandy Claws:  NOELNAPPED

(Milk, mint syrup, peppermint candy)

I was minding my own business, drinking my nightly candycane milk, when suddenly these creatures were upon me!  And that milk is my favorite, too—six ounces of milk, a half teaspoon of mint syrup, and a peppermint candy at the bottom.  Just like I like it, and I never got to finish!  Plus my cookies got all soggy.

Saturday Grab Bag:  Beautiful Gothic Cocktails and High Tea

My goodness, there are so many beautiful, elaborate cocktails out there for the Addams Family!  I had to keep my recipes relatively simple, because I am hoping to batch them for an upcoming Halloween party, but I had a grand old time looking at these beautiful Gothic drinks.

Not Quite Nigella documented the Sofitel Wentworth Addams Family high tea, which included a delicious-looking Morticia’s Martini and an equally charming Pugsley’s Poison (both pictured above).  Several corners of the Internet also mention Mark Addison’s efforts, as he mixed both mocktails and cocktails for individual family members.  The results are quite charming, and I wish I had thought to use a chocolate cigar for Gomez!  I also found images from an Addams Family themed engagement party (and man, do I wish I were invited to that wedding).

On the more excessive side of the Internet, I found an advertisement for an Addams Family Movie drink-along (who knew that was a thing?) as well as several drinking games.

I am sad to see this week go, because it was a great deal of fun, but the Halloween recipes must continue!  This upcoming week we’ll be tackling The Nightmare Before Christmas, which should be a jolly festive freaky good time.

Recap — The Addams Family (Kooky Ooky Cocktails)

Creepy classic fun this week, as we gear up for Halloween!  Each of these cocktails and mocktails (with the exception of Pugsley, who shows a concerning inclination in canon towards normalcy) has something just a tiny bit… off… about it.  But don’t hold it against them; they really are perfectly delicious.

Anyway, here’s what happened this week:

Sunday: Spider Food (Wednesday) - moxie-and-rootbeer mocktail
Monday: Cara Mia (Morticia) - sloe gin herbal cocktail
Tuesday: Potion Mistress (Grandmama) - savory heated vodka cocktail
Wednesday: Boy Scout Cider (Pugsley) - spiced hot cider mocktail
Thursday: En Garde! (Gomez) - smoked wine cocktail
Friday: Spark and Smoke (Uncle Fester) - smoky hot toddy

Saturday grab bag later today!

Uncle Fester[1]:  SPARK AND SMOKE

(Lapsang souchong tea, scotch)

Ahh, do you smell that scent, children?  Smoke and powder, just like the air after a good explosion.  Though in this case, it comes from ten ounces of lapsang and two ounces of good scotch, which is why you won’t be having this until you’re older.

[1] Much like Grandmama, Fester’s heritage has shifted considerably over the years.  In the original 1960s series, Uncle Fester was Morticia’s uncle and Hester Frump’s brother, making his surname the same as her maiden name (which is never mentioned in the series).  In the 1990s movies, however, Fester is Gomez’s brother, making him Pugsley and Wednesday’s uncle rather than Morticia’s, and he is clearly referred to as ‘Fester Addams’ several times.  Since he is consistently called ‘Uncle Fester’ in each, that is the name used here.

Gomez Addams:  EN GARDE!

(Madeira wine, cognac, liquid smoke)

My friend, you are in for a treat!  It just so happens, I have prepared my favorite drink, which is three ounces of fine Madeiras wine and two ounces of delicious cognac.  Then you add a dash of liquid smoke; gives it that something extra.  But first: draw your weapon…

Pugsley Addams:  BOY SCOUT CIDER

(apple cider, maple syrup, cinnamon)

I learned this great drink from the Boy Scouts; it’s six ounces of heated apple cider with a teaspoon of maple syrup and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon.  Mom doesn’t like it when I make it, though.


(chicken broth, salsa, cucumber vodka)

In the old country, we had a potion for the common cold—you took three parts chicken broth, and you added two parts salsa roho and one part cucumber hootch.  Covered all your bases!

- - - 

[OOC note:  This beverage’s title is a shameless reference to a somewhat charming trend among fanfic writers to write Harry Potter/The Addams Family crossovers and make Grandmama a potions mistress.  An example of this I particularly enjoy is Ishtar’s “Family Values,” though it is far from the only instance!

[1] Interestingly enough (and unlike the other characters), Grandmama does not have a consistent character name from the New Yorker cartoons to the 1960s series to the 1990s movies.  The various iterations do not even agree on whether she is Gomez’s mother (making her Grandmama Addams) or Morticia’s mother (making her Grandmama Frump), and her first name shifts from Eudora to Esmerelda at some point.  She is, however, ‘Grandmama’ to the family in each iteration.

Morticia Addams:  CARA MIA

(sloe gin, ginger lemongrass vodka, rose water, Angostura bitters)

Gomez, darling, do try my latest brew for Cleopatra; it’s not quite the thing to lift her spirits and I’m not sure why.  I combined an ounce and a half of blackthorn liqueur and an ounce and a half of ginger-lemongrass spirits.  I added a dash of those aromatic bitters like she likes, and I even added a teaspoon of rose water—you know how she likes to eat my rose clippings.  But it doesn’t seem to be helping!  My poor green baby; I hope she is feeling better soon.